EWRC 300/500 NT

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  • Complete management of static or ventilated cold rooms
  • Large high-visibility display
  • Intuitive access to the frequently used parameters
  • Large space for wiring and DIN rail modules

The Coldface EWRC 300/500LX series manages the temperature control of a static or ventilated cold room. 
The instrument controls positive and negative cold room applications and is capable of managing a double evaporator and condenser fans. 


  • Flame retardant, water resistant box with IP65 protection rating
  • Connectable to Televis and Modbus monitoring systems
  • High-readability double display and large-size keys giving direct access to functions

Controllers for static and ventilated cold rooms, suitable for commercial and industrial refrigeration units.

Versions with 3 and 5 configurable relays (e.g. lights, alarms, condensation fans), 4 low-voltage digital inputs configurable for door microswitches or other devices.
Models are available with real-time defrost clock, HACCP function with annual calendar and connectivity with Televis and Modbus systems via optional plug-in module.
The box allows the installation of power contactors or magneto-thermal switches on a DIN rail. 
PTC and NTC sensor management, with the consequent elimination of costs deriving from the replacement of probes in the field.